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Nail carbide

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It also can be used to remove dead skin for fingernails
and toenails.
Tungsten carbide and stainless steel
It is made of tungsten carbide and stainless steel, not easy
to rust.
Many uses
Can also be used for wiping away nail gel.
Available in XXC, XC, C, C(cross cut)…

Material: Tungsten
Weight of Drill Bit: Approx. 1.1g
Total Size: Approx. 40mm*2.35mm (L* W)
Total Weight: Approx. 3.0g / 0.1oz

Product Advantages:
Higher Hardness
Excellent Heat Dissipation
Easy To Clean and Disinfect
Great Antibacterial Feature
Resistance of acid, alkali
Best Universality
Suitable for manicure, pedicure, dental use etc.
Package List:
1 * Nail Art Drill Bit